Thursday, December 31, 2009

365:365 Big Event

365:365 Big Event
I did it! I did it!
I did not know if I could pull this off at the beginning of the year, but I did it!. It has been a great year. Sometimes fabulous and sometimes frustrating. I have learned so much this year, not just about phototgraphy, but about myself, and the area in which I live. Thanks to everyone who commented and cheered me on. You kept me going.
Now . . . on to the next challenge. This is my blog for next year.
Thanks again for all of your support, and see you next year!


~Val said...

wonderful closing image. Thank YOU, for getting us started (I remember that initial Village post and thinking, "how hard can that be?" Little did I know...)

thanks for all your visits and comments. Looking forward to your new blog,and a new adventure in 2010.

BobbieCoughlin said...

Congratulations for finishing the challenge!

Ms Katy said...

Thanks Clara for such a fun project! I'm looking forward to the next one too.

Anonymous said...

A perfect shot for today! Thanks Clara both for kicking this off (ditto on Val's aside) and your kind words through out the year. happy New Year to you and your family.

lijola said...

Great image! Thank you for commenting on my blog. Congrats on finishing the 365. Am looking forward to the new venture!

mitt vattenhål said...

You must be very proud of yourself and the great photojourney you made in 2009. Hope to se more of it in 2010

/christina, Sweden

Fotobloggen 2011 said...

Christmas greetings to you and an explanation to my recent photo is in the post as someone else might wonder to, thanks for commenting!